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A booking or reservation made means you have shown an interest to fly on a particular flight of Oman Air. The booking reference will detail the number of passengers, class of travel and other details of the flight..
If the seats are available the booking will show that the reservation is confirmed. If the seats are not available we do accept some bookings on waitlist. You need to contact Oman Air offices to get the waitlist booking confirmed. A confirmed booking may be cancelled by our reservation system if you fail to purchase the ticket within the time limit prescribed in accordance with the ticketing rules.
You do not need to reconfirm your Oman Air confirmed bookings. However, please provide your local contact details, and help us to serve you better in the unfortunate event of flight schedule disruption. A mobile number in your record will help us to communicate through Short Messaging Service or SMS. If you are connecting to another carrier please check with the other carrier on their reconfirmation procedure.
To obtain only our flight schedules, simply visit our schedules page on the web. You will see all the flights available. You can also download our flight schedule in Excel/PDF file format. You can also send SMS to 90910 and obtain the necessary information.
You can book a flight up to 330 days in advance. Flights beyond 330 days are not stored in the Sabre® computer reservations system used by Oman Air.
Yes, you can book online for any one if you can provide correct passenger details while booking.
Incase flights are full, our reservation offices will be glad to put you on a waitlist which may get confirmed at a later stage and will be advised to you.
Our reservations staff will assist you to select your preferred seat in the aircraft.
Yes. We offer selected special requests. Please check with our reservations staff.
Enter the Family name in the last name f field and the given names (First and middle) in the first name field. The first and last name of the passenger must match with that of the passport that will be used when travelling. The full name, including first name, middle name and last name, shall not contain more than 27 characters, including spaces. In case of exceeding characters error occur, initial letter for middle name is acceptable.
When no Family/Last Name/Surname is available please enter the Given/First name in the first name field and enter last name in the last name field. For example Given Name: JAWAD KHALIL. Enter first Name: JAWAD and last name: KHALIL
Passenger with single-word names (e.g. "ADAM"), please proceed with inserting "ADAM" in First Name field and "ADAM" in Last Name field.
Any error in name or spelling of the name will mean that the ticket will have to be cancelled (with the applicable cancellation charges) and a new one purchased in the correct name, subject to current fares and availability of flights.

Online Booking
Booking through internet is called Online Booking or Book Online. Conventionally Oman Air bookings were made through Oman Air offices or your preferred travel agent through direct communication lines with our central reservation system. Online booking differs from the conventional booking system and it is now more customer friendly. Options available are shown to you on your computer screen and you just have to select the required options, fill up the necessary details and create your booking from the convenience of your office or home or any other preferred location. No need to visit a Booking Office / Airport or any other physical outlet to get your tickets anymore. And more than that, you can access 24 hours a day, seven days in a week.
Simply log on to www.omanair.com and the online booking feature is available on the home page. You can also access our booking engine page by clicking on Plan & Book Book a Flight page. Add these pages to your “Favorites” in Windows Explorer for your convenience in next visit. Navigation on the web site is quite simple and with five steps you will be able to book Oman Air flight.
You log-in for Book Online at www.omanair.com; our central reservation system will be directly connected and will provide you real time responses.
You can create your booking using the easy to navigate steps and select your preference.
You make online payment for your ticket through your credit/debit card. We accept credit/debit/prepaid cards issued by any banks with Visa or Master Card logo.
After payment, system will generate a PNR (Passenger Name Record) against your itinerary, and you will be asked to view / print your ticket.
The reservation system will send a confirmation e-mail. Through this e-mail link, you can log in to our site to revisit the PNR, print the e-ticket receipt and synchronize the booking with your office PC calendar/hand held, check the weather and host of other features.
To enter the airport and for check-in, make sure you have your booking receipt, along with valid photo identification such as Passport, Driving License or Residence Card.
Now you can check-in on our web – www.omanair.com or present yourself at the airport check-in counter. Your boarding pass will be issued after verifying this e-ticket, with the card used for the payment and your valid photo identity card.
If cardholder is not travelling together as a group and tickets were purchased for a friend/relative/ family member, then carry photocopy of the both sides of the card with an authorization letter duly signed by card holder.
You can access our booking engine to check the availability of seats, applicable fares, alternative flights, choosing the preferred seat, book and pay for the ticket, print the itinerary, etc. A confirmation will be e-mailed to your e-mail address provided, and you can then access the booking through the e-mail link provided.
Currently Online booking is available for all destinations of Oman Air. Itinerary can be One Way or Return or Multiple Cities within the above destinations.
No. Currently you can only book Oman Air operated flights and code share Flights marketed by Oman Air. Flights operated by other carriers can not be booked through Oman Air booking engine.
Yes, you can book a Multi-City itinerary from the booking engine search page by selecting “multiple destinations link”.
Your booking and ticketing details are stored safely in Oman Air’s E-ticket database. All you need to do is to print your itinerary/e-ticket copy and set off to the airpor.
You can book for a maximum of 330 days in advance from flight departure date.
The minimum time required is 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.
You can book for Adults, Child and Infant without seat passengers.
Adult: - The passenger who has attained the age of 12 years on the date of travel.
Child: - The passenger who has attained the age of 2 years or more, but is less than 12 years old on the date of travel.
Infants: - Infant who has not attained the age of 2 years can be booked as infant without seat. Note that as a safety measure every infant without seat passenger should be accompanied with an adult passenger. If not infant should be booked as a Child passenger occupying seat.
Expectant mothers and New born babies: - Air travel to Expectant mothers and New born babies is subject to conditions and compliance of medical rules and regulations. You are requested to contact Oman Air office for detailed measures prior to making your online booking.
Others: - You can not book Online for the following passengers needing special services. It is advised that they contact Oman Air Offices/travel agents.
Un accompanied Minors/Child
Physically Challenged passengers
Medical Cases having the need of Stretchers/Wheel chairs
You can book a maximum of 6 tickets at a time, taking any combination of Adults and Childs together plus a maximum of 6 infants.
Normal market fares are offered on online booking. Special Online booking fares / discount on normal fares may be available from time to time. The booking engine searches the availability of a seat at the lowest fare on the requested date & time and displays it. Conditions/rules attached to the fare display appropriately, before confirming your purchase. If you so wish, you can override this feature to get a lowest fare tickets on any other day, by simply selecting the “Lowest fare” option within the flight request page.
Yes. The booking site offers three pricing options – (a) Lowest Fare, (b) Lowest for the date and (c) Requested date and time. You may specify your preferred pricing options and start your booking process.
While booking online, you will be provided with a “View Fare Rules” link through the review selection page and in the “Reserve” page as well. Please ensure reading the rules comprehensively and contact our offices for any further clarifications.
Yes, you can make reservations for any person using your credit/debit card. However, ensure that the names of passengers are exactly the same as in the photo identification of the respective passenger. Also if you are not travelling together as a group with them, then comply with the procedure that will be communicated to you over the e-mail.
We are pricing your ticket based on the point of origin of your flight. Applicable fare for your itinerary will be in the currency of the country in which the first airport’s departure is situated. However, few countries adopt an international currency for international flights and at such cases, we will be pricing according to their international currency. At all instance, currency and applicable fare will be put on view for you, and only through your confirmation, the purchase transaction will be completed.
Yes, you can have your ticket through Online booking, even if you have to check-in with baggage. You are entitled to same baggage allowance as provided to tickets purchased from Oman Air’s Office or travel agency.
You do not need to worry even if you lose your booking reference. It is safely stored in our reservation system. All you need to do is to log in to the web page via the link provided in our confirmation e-mail, and print another copy of your itinerary or else you can contact Oman Air’s Office to receive a copy of your itinerary.
Yes, you need to present a Photo Identification (Passport, Driving License or Resident Card or Photo identity issued by the Government) at the time of checking - in at the airport.
Yes. When you purchase your ticket online, your booking is confirmed, and you will receive a confirmation on your screen, also by email indicating that your transaction was successful. For valid reason(s) if your ticket does not generate online, your itinerary receipt will show an alert as 'Your Ticket was not issued'. Hence this itinerary receipt cannot be used for airport entry nor check-in. In this situation please contact us to get your ticket issued.
The facility to waitlist bookings on a full flight is not currently available through the booking engine. However, you can contact our reservations office, and we will be glad to assist you.
No. Reconfirmation of reservations is not required once you have booked online.
No. Oman Air currently does not offer the facility to 'Book & Hold' a reservation Online. All booking must be ticketed completed and paid through credit card immediately.
Yes. You can choose the option displaying the seat map in the “Passenger Information Page.” A graphical aircraft seating layout drawn from our reservation system on real time basis, will be displayed in your computer. You can choose your preferences.
Yes, you can modify your travel dates, times, cities, number of passengers traveling. Some of these options are available on the screen itself. For others you have to click the "Back Button" of your browser. But this option is only available ahead of making the payment and printing the ticket.
Yes, you will see a confirmation page showing your PNR reference, itinerary and ticket details after making a successful booking.
No, only fresh bookings which are to be paid online can be made currently. If you already have a ticket, you need to contact your travel agent or our booking office for making reservations.
Yes, you will earn the applicable mileage points for your online bookings also. Just remember to register your Sindbad number in the Passenger’s Information page. If you log in through your Sindbad account, your profile will be completed through the booking engine for your convenience.
Currently, the mode of payment is through Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards which carry Visa or Master Card logo. We are working on providing other online payment methods.
After you review and confirm your booking, fill up the required details of your card and click on "Purchase" button. A message is internally sent to your bank requesting for an authorization. On receipt of authorization ticket will be issued. In case your bank rejects the card transaction, this will be displayed in the confirmation page as “ticket has not been issued”. Please contact Oman Air Office for further processing of the booking and to issue the ticket.
The Online booking engine site is secured completely. Your credit card details pass through a protected SSL protocol with 128 bit encryption - an industry standard for encryption over the Internet, to protect the data. When typing in information such as credit card details, it automatically converts into codes before being securely dispatched over the Internet.
For any assistance or clarifications regarding your booking, you can contact contact 24 X 7 call centre in Oman + 968-24531111 or any of Oman Air’s offices. Contact details can be found at Oman Air’s website - www.omanair.com.
No. Currently, we cannot accept any credits or vouchers for online purchases.
No. There are no changes for check-in process or boarding procedure for a ticket booked online. You only need valid photo identification such as Passport, Driving License, Resident Card and your itinerary receipt for check-in.
If cardholder is not travelling together as a group and tickets were purchased for a friend/relative/ family member, then carry photocopy of the both sides of the credit card with an authorization letter duly signed by card holder.
Yes. We offer special services and meal requests, and you can choose the same from pre-defined dropdown menus on the booking page. If you need any further services, please contact Oman Air’s Office.

You need to purchase your ticket from either from Oman Air office or directly from the web. Your preferred travel agent can also help you in providing tickets.
You can buy your tickets any time before your actual date of travel. However, to secure and guarantee your bookings you are required to purchase your ticket as soon as you finalize your travel plan and definitely before ticketing time limit advised to you.
Yes. Tickets will be issued on the prevailing fare and ticketing rules. Please check with local Oman Air offices.
Yes. Unused Tickets can be refunded or exchanged for another ticket on the prevailing fare and ticketing rules. Please check with local Oman Air offices.
Please contact local Oman Air Office and report the incident. Subject to certain conditions and fulfillment of legal requirements we may be able issue another ticket/refund the unused value of the ticket.

Electronic Ticket is an innovative way of using technology for issuing air tickets electronically. This eliminates traditional paper tickets and creates an electronically held record (ticket) of the transaction. This electronic image of the ticket is stored in the Oman Air reservation system and can be accessed through reservation system for travel, change in booking, refund, exchange etc. An E-Ticket is more secured, convenient and we guarantee you will never loose it.
All the routes of Oman Air network are E-Ticketing enabled.
On purchase, the system will generate your booking with ticket information. This will, provide you the key information about your reservation and flights. You will need to print the same and produce it along with valid photo identification in order to enter the airport and for check-in.
Also, an email will be sent to the passengers email address which can also be printed and used to enter the airport and for check-in.
Go directly to the check-in counter. Your boarding pass will be issued against this itinerary receipt and the valid identification.
e-Ticket is a convenient, fast and safe option to the regular physical paper ticket. It's fast: you no longer have to collect the ticket from our office or rush to the travel agent to meet ticketing deadline. Now no more worries about losing or having the ticket stolen. Even if you don’t carry your booking reference or E-ticket details, we will be able search our database and retrieve your ticket.
In case you need to modify your travel plan, call our reservation offices, we can retrieve your bookings as well as E-ticket and modify as you need.
Although you do not receive a conventional paper ticket, you will receive an itinerary/receipt confirming your booking from our office. This itinerary/receipt will contain your E-ticket number.
If you provide us your e-mail address we can send across an email which can be printed and used as a receipt. You can also search your booking in this web booking and print the flight details for your record.
Currently e-tickets are available for all Oman Air flights.
Payment for E-tickets can be made either by cash, credit card, and purchase orders or otherwise as you were making payment for your paper tickets from Oman Air. There is no change in mode of payment for E-ticket compared to paper tickets.
Yes, you can request for your Electronic tickets regardless if you have baggage to check-in or not.
Yes. Oman Air E-tickets can be issued for infants as well.
There is no need to collect E-tickets. Issue of an E-ticket means creation of a record of e-ticket in our database which can be retrieved with appropriate access any time anywhere.
On a successful purchase of E-ticket the system will generate a record of booking and Electronic Ticket. This reference is your confirmation of travel. You will also receive an email with the status of your booking if you have provided us your email address.
You can print the booking reference or print the email. Then all you have to do is walk in to the airport and check-in with valid photo identification and printed itinerary receipt. Your boarding pass will be issued against the itinerary receipt.

To enter the airport and for check-in, you must present the itinerary receipt along with valid photo identification, viz:

- Official Government issued photo identification
- Driving license
- Passport (for international passengers)
- Photo credit card
- Resident Card
No. There are no changes in check-in process or boarding for an E-ticket.
In the case of expense account reporting, you can use your boarding card stub, which was issued at check-in and/or the Oman Air issued Electronic ticket itinerary/receipt.
No. We guarantee you will not loose an E-ticket.

Yes. If you happen to change your flight booking please inform our reservations offices to make necessary change at the earliest. Once you cancel your booking depending upon the fare basis of the ticket, you may be entitled for refund, fly on another day, pay additional charges. Please check with our local reservation offices in this regard.
Ticket type Retrieve and view Change flight details Change guest details Buy excess baggage Buy extra legroom Buy Lounge Access
Bookings with no extra products and services*
Bookings with excess baggage
Bookings with extra legroom seat
Bookings with travel insurance
Reward Flights
Multi-city bookings with no extra products and services
Bookings made through Travel Agents
Group Bookings

Online Check-in
Check-in for your Oman Air flight from your home/office/hotel is now possible. Visit www.omanair.com and select the appropriate page. You will be asked to provide key information about your flight and booking details. You can proceed through the pages and generate the Boarding Pass and print through your printer.
The service is available for all passengers holding confirmed bookings on Oman Air flight.
The service is available 24 hours in advance of scheduled departure time of your Oman Air flight.
Online Check-in service will be closed 3 hrs before the scheduled departure of Oman Air flight.
Yes. There will be a dedicated Oman Air counter for Online Checked-in passengers at the airport. Check-in staff will tag the baggage to your destination.
Yes. You will be able to check-in for Oman Air connecting flights as well as few interline carriers with whom Oman Air has through check-in facility.
Yes. System will display the available seat map on real time basis. If you had pre-reserved you can choose the same or you can select from the available seat.
The service is available from all the airports of Oman Air network except Chittagong.
Yes. System will provide an option to update the details if not already existing in the booking records.
Yes. Please revisit the Online Check-in page again and provide your flight details to retrieve the booking. System will provide you an option to reprint the boarding pass.
Yes. System will display the passenger names available in the booking record. You can choose the passengers traveling on the flight to generate the Boarding Pass.
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