Oman Aviation Services - Professional & Customer Friendly service

Established since 1981, is the sole service provider for both International and domestic flights operating out of International and Domestic Airports in Oman.
High quality service and safety standards are maintained in compliance with IATA operational safety standards.
Quality management systems are in place based on IATA -AHM 804 standards to achieve customer satisfaction which is our theme.

Passenger Services

Passenger Services facilities are fully automated with exclusive handling for VIP's, First and Business Class passengers. Specially trained staff form a separate unit to handle incapacitated passengers with specialized facilities on hand.
Oman Air plays a significant role in ensuring that we meet the expectation of our customers using both International and Domestic Airports. On an average 23000 flights and more than 3.5 million passengers are handled per year at Muscat International Airport.
Our operational experience spanning over 28 years uniquely positions Oman Air Ground Operation Services in the world market, we understand the need for prompt, safe, secure and flexible support. Every passenger, be it a VIP, Young passengers or unaccompanied minor, business travelers or holiday maker are treated with utmost care.
Sultanate of Oman has progressed tremendously in social as well economic sphere. The country offers an exciting blend of eastern and western cultures a good mix for tourist attraction. Ancient traditions, are well preserved in parallel to developments based on modern technologies . Therefore, Oman Air plays a very big role to meet the ever growing challenges and yes we are growing and prepared to face and adjust with changes to face a bright future ahead of us.

  • Speedy check-in

  • The passengers are ensured speedy check in on arrival and hassle free transfer & departure by the teamwork of our dedicated expertly and qualified staff who work towards a common goal – Customer Satisfaction.

  • Automated Baggage Tracing system

  • Efficient baggage handling is the key to any successful airport operation and Oman Air provides superb management of baggage testified by our long list of satisfied customers. Our presence is felt right from sorting of baggage, retrieval of baggage down to lost-and-found baggage too. Oman Air now offers you the facility to check the status of your baggage through the Automated Baggage Tracing system online.

  • Load Control

  • Customers can always rely on our specially trained staff for managing the safe and efficient loading of their flights and producing the appropriate accurate documentation. They are always willing to help you with your load planning and control.

  • Flight Operation services

  • The safety of the passengers in flight always depends on good decisions made by the flight crew. These decisions can be made only on the basis of correct information they get through:
    Up-to-date manuals of the airline
    Meteorological documentation
    Flight plans (ATS)
    Fuel order
    In-flight assistance
    In-flight re-dispatch
    Oman Air provides all these and more with their flight operations services.

  • Special passenger Handling

  • Extra assistance is given to passengers with restricted mobility. In case of a senior citizen, the customer service staff escorts them to the Aircraft. If a passenger requires a wheel chair he/she is provided with that facility as well. In case of unaccompanied minors, the customer service staff renders all assistance like checking in and escorting them up to the aircraft and handing-over to the cabin attendant on board the flight .On arrival, such children are received by the commercial or customer service staff and handed over to the person nominated by the parents/guardian from the originating station.

  • Passenger Interline Transfer service

  • Oman Air offers speedy and excellent transfer connections for those Airlines who use Muscat as a Hub centre. It is worth mentioning excellent weather conditions throughout the year in Oman avoids any operational hazards for route planning for carriers who use Muscat International Airport.

Ramp Services

ERamp services are the most important part of the whole operation of an aircraft and that is why Oman Air lays more emphasis on this. Aircraft Ramp handling refers to services on the ramp for an aircraft. It includes loading and unloading of baggage, air cargo and air mail onto the aircraft, and transportation between the aircraft and the passenger terminal, air cargo terminals and the airmail center. In addition, ramp-handling services cover preparation for delivery onto aircraft of bulk baggage and baggage containers, aircraft loading bridge operation, and passenger stairs operation. In addition to this complete cabin cleaning, Toilet and Water services, ULD inventory control and container racking for ULD storage, Interline baggage transfer, Medical passenger hi-lift, Baggage handling unit, Transportation of Passengers, Crew and VIPs, Cargo unit for special handling of perishables, valuables & hazardous cargo are also included.

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